CHANGELOG - Version 1.2c (06/08/2012)
- Adjusted the way AI fuel themselves in timed races to be
  more optimal.
- FIXED: Timed races now last the correct duration.
- FIXED: Timed races can now be saved properly.
- FIXED: Game no longer crashes when a cone hits a person.
- FIXED: Person object now stands upright on slopes.

- FIXED: Randomised track names on new tracks work again.

CHANGELOG - Version 1.2b (09/07/2012)
- FIXED: Tracks are now displayed in alphabetical order on
  all systems.
- FIXED: Game no longer crashes when colliding with cones
  under certain circumstances.

CHANGELOG - Version 1.2 (08/07/2012)
- Added timed races as an option.
- Can now change palette via the Advanced Options menu (the
  gr.ini setting has been removed).
- Increased race length maximum to 255 laps/kms/minutes.
- In-game menu now prompts before ending race/championship.
- Controllers now support fully analogue controls.
- Default tracks (by TuomoH) updated to include speed
  limiters and new objects.
- FIXED: Game now detects available resolutions rather than
  using presets.
- FIXED: Tracks with zero checkpoints now do not end and
  tracks with only one checkpoint don't count multiple laps
  at once.
- FIXED: Multiple controllers are once again supported.
- FIXED: When using shift with a keyboard key, the correct
  symbol is now entered (en-US locale only).
- FIXED: Numpad keys now work as expected.
- FIXED: Glancing spectator collisions no longer produce
- FIXED: Enter/Return can again be used to confirm dialogs
  and selected menu items.
- FIXED: Stereo sound files now play back in stereo, as

- Added 'speed limiter' checkpoints.
- Added new 'hedge' objects (long and short versions).
- Added 'moveable road cone' (in addition to the static).
- Front edge of Armco barrier is now visible in the Editor.
- FIXED: Importing AI lines on tracks with WS200 or greater
  now works as intended.
- FIXED: Tracks loaded into the Editor via the command-line
  or file-association are now displayed correctly and
  Editor buttons assume their correct states.
- FIXED: When saving an existing track under a different
  name, objects are no longer rotated.