The most common questions we get asked - mostly about GeneRally 2

Is GeneRally 2’s development dead?

No - we’ve just taken a much more relaxed approach to it than we did previously. We spent too much time trying to live up to expectations that we placed on ourselves - and it turns out, we’re just not those kinds of people. Call it an adventure in self-discovery.

I thought you were in Alpha a few years ago - what’s taking so long?

We rewrote a whole bunch of stuff we weren’t happy with. Time vanished into the sinkhole of PhD research, new jobs, moving countries, new family members - you know, the usual things.

We know it sort of feels like a “give two monkeys infinite time…” kind of scenario but things are in a better state than a few years ago.

I have skills and free time… can I help?

Thank you for the offer :)

Unfortunately, we’re just not in a position to offer concrete plans or a specific list of things we need help with. Maybe once we’re happier with our fundamentals, we might be able to get some assistance in specialised areas - but for now, it’s a lot less stress for us if we can work at our own pace.

Are you going to post more updates more regularly?

We’ve been down this road before - and, frankly, we’re just not very good at it. We know that’s not what some people want to hear but being entirely non-committal on this is what makes us most relaxed. When we have something fun or exciting to present, we’ll definitely be talking about it.

Wasn’t there a Kickstarter campaign for GeneRally 2?

Yes - we had a Kickstarter campaign a few years ago, and things didn’t exactly go to plan. We made a few key mistakes, largely based around us heaping too much pressure on ourselves to do something we started as a hobby.

A few years on… and we’re really not that disappointed anymore :)

Wasn’t there a developer blog for GeneRally 2?

Yes - and you can still find it at blog.gene-rally.com. It’s no longer linked from this website as we simply weren’t updating it enough to justify it. Maybe one day, when we have more to say, it will return to prominence!

Are you going to release the source code?

No. This is not something we’re permitted to do, and it’s not something we’re likely to spend extra effort attempting to make possible.