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GeneRally 2 is a top-down arcade racing game focused heavily upon user-created content and an easy-to-use track editor.

Unlike other games in the arcade racing genre, GeneRally 2 has no rubber-banding, no weapons and no power-ups - it can be thought of as a pure, genuine racing game carefully treading the line between "fun" and "simulation". The game features an advanced physics engine, damage, tyre wear, fuel usage and competitive AI drivers to provide a rounded racing experience.

Players are able to select which cars, tracks and racing modes/options they use for each individual race or season. No content is locked behind 'progression walls' or anything similar - GeneRally 2 is a game intended to bring fun and enjoyment for all the family, wherever, whenever.


GeneRally 2's predecessor - GeneRally - was released in 2002 by Finnish students Hannu & Jukka Rabina and has been maintained by James Burgess and Markku Hyrkas since 2010. Over the decade or more since its initial release, the game has been downloaded millions of times and has built up a following of tens of thousands of track and car creators.

The GeneRally community run many leagues/competitions, and have created hundreds of thousands of individual mods for the game in its 12-year history. GeneRally 2 is the next logical step for the game, which is being developed from scratch to take advantage of developments in hardware and software.



Car Modelling Timelapse

Day/Night Cycle Video


Download: GeneRally 2 Screenshots (ZIP, 2.54 MB)

All in-game screenshots shown below are from an early (pre-alpha) version of the game engine and may be shown with incomplete tracks or other assets. We will update these images as development progresses.


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