GeneRally is a simple, moddable, top-down arcade racing game for 1-6 players

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GeneRally 1.2d - Released 06/01/2018
May additionally require MSVC++ 2015 Runtime (x86)

This game is freeware. You may distribute GeneRally in any non-commercial manner
as long as the .ZIP file is not modified. You may not sell the game, or otherwise
profit (directly or indirectly) from distributing GeneRally.

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GeneRally features short races and simple controls. It is designed to be easy to pick up and difficult to master. From kids to grandparents, GeneRally fits the bill.

Intelligent, fun AI

Tired of convoluted catch-up mechanics and AI that are either too fast or too slow? Customise your AI drivers' skill level and fight for victory.

Detailed physics

Tyre wear, fuel usage and car damage are all simulated - and can be scaled to your preference. Your pitcrew are always on-hand for some quick repairs.

Controller support

With full support for digital and analogue controllers, as well as multiple players on the same keyboard, it's a great local-multiplayer party game!

Heavily moddable

GeneRally ships with an easy-to-use Track Editor - and community tools exist to create cars and other types of modification. Tens of thousands of community creations await.

Low requirements

No need for a powerful processor or a dedicated GPU. You can play almost anywhere that supports Windows XP or later (it even runs fine in a VM on Linux and OS X).