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July 2016

GeneRally v1.2c Preview

  • GeneRally

I know, I know, we said we’d not be putting out another update to GR1 – but we simply couldn’t resist trying to solve a bunch of issues with timed races, and a few of the outstanding bugs that we really weren’t happy with being in the game if v1.2c was to be it’s “final” state.

The update is currently undergoing testing, but a preliminarly list of fixes are as follows:

  • Updated to the VS2015 runtimes, to fix a few minor issues with Windows 10 support. The minimum requirements for the 2015 runtimes vs. the 2010 runtimes are identical (according to Microsoft), so this shouldn’t cause any issues for anyone who can currently run the GR1.2 branch of updates.
  • Fix: Timed races now resume properly after a save (resulting in a small change to the save-game format, we’ll aim to update relevant tool creators before launch, so they can have updates ready as appropriate).
  • Fix: Autosaves no longer crash on load.
  • Fix: Game no longer crashes after races that have no laps under 60 seconds.
  • Fix: Various small timing issues with timed races (caveat: due to the timer precision being used, there will still be a very, very small variation in displayed times when saving/resuming, but the actual length of races will not be affected – it’s ultimately not possible to fix this without altering the laws of space and time, and we can’t even get a blog post update out inside a year…).
  • Fix: Hopefully fixed the “no supported resolutions” problem on certain GPU and monitor combinations (for those interested, turns out nVidia/AMD decided that on some cards it was no longer relevant to report supported 8-bit modes from the driver on certain cards… so a bunch of cards that do support those modes just overnight stopped reporting them to the game… we’ve had to make a few assumptions in our work-around, but we were able to reproduce the issue before, and it’s at least fixed on the machines we’re able to test on).

We’re not yet sure what else will go on to the fix list, but this is what’s currently in testing (on this point, appropriately for his username, Crono has been immensely helpful in tracking down the timed race issues). We’re hoping we can have this out to you within a few weeks – but that’s dependent upon what testing turns up. We’re also hoping to find a reasonable solution to the limiter issue to include in this release, but that’s still up in the air. It’s possible we’ll release this to a few of our frequent bug-reporters, to try and ensure it’s as bug-free as possible before release, but so far, testing is going well.