January 2018

GeneRally v1.2d

  • GeneRally

Today you can get your hands on GeneRally v1.2d from the home page.

As we mentioned in the last blog post, we have had most of this update ready to go for a while, but we wanted to try and find a few more small crashes and general hiccoughs that were impacting people’s enjoyment of v1.2c. Getting to this point took a little longer, as we tried for a new feature implementation, but we just weren’t happy with how it panned out and we chose to leave it out, in the name of delivering a reliable update.

We’ve spent an extensive amount of time testing these changes, on various hardware and software configurations, and we’re hopeful that we’ve knocked these specific issues on the head once and for all. Of course, that’s very rarely the case in any kind of software developmentā€¦ but we can hope!